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    FABridge Conflict

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      Howdy all,


         We have created a custom Learning Management System (LMS) using Coldfusion. The system started out as a series of slides using a set of templates (text only, text with image, single SWF, etc). We have been trying to extend it to load more complex Flex SWFs for simulations. In doing so, we have seen a great need to implement a Flex Ajax Bridge template that allows us to hook into and control a Flex SWF from the template/slide script (in the Flash Bridge template we have created). It works almost perfectly UNTIL.... we tie in audio for the page. We have used an older SWF that loads an mp3 file on the server through flashvars. We have encountered three different behaviors from three different browsers:


          Firefox 3: Audio works great... bridge is broken (javascript code has no effect)... simulation loads in default state

          IE7: Bridge works... audio is broken and jumpy

          IE6: Everything works great


      This leads me to believe it is a javascript issue... however, I have had no luck finding anything on the web. We are going to attempt to use our own home-grown audio player SWF that also uses the FABridge to load the audio rather than flashvars (this has the added advantage of being able to programmatically control the audio). But I was wondering if anyone had any input or ideas as to the source of the problem. There is also no guarantee that our attempted solution will actually resolve the issue/conflict.






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          Ok... after a little more digging the Firefox issue has been resolved.


          Apparently the Adobe generated FABridge.js is the culprit with an unhandled nullPointerException caused in Firefox when using EMBED configured SWFs along with FABridge. Inserting a simple IF and TRY/CATCH into the bridgeInitialized function resolves the issue.


          Kudos to Kevin McKoy for his post @ http://forums.adobe.com/message/269485#269485


          OH... also while writing this post the team has resolved another issue. The last issue has been resolved with the audio problems... encoding settings in the source audio that only affect the player in IE for some reason.



          Hope this post helps.