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    create a button with AS2


      Yes, I checked the forums.

      Yes, I tried about 30 tutorials/code snippets.


      Can someone provide me a link to a howto that ACTUALLY WORKS?

      Something like: here's how to create a button, and here's the code to attach to the button (AS2).

      Mind boggling that I have followed about 40+ tutorials to a 't' and my site still doesn't work. Flash never used to be this difficult, what happened?

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          1. create a shape on the stage with the drawing tools

          2. right click on the shape and click convert to symbol and tick movieclip or button

          3. in the properties panel assign an instance name to your object, say btn

          4.  click an empty part of the stage and in the action panel copy and paste:



          trace("Do whatever");



          5.  test.