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    Anyone with experience exporting AE to iPhone?

    dansch37 Level 2

      Does anyone have experience at this so I can be warned of unexpected headaches.


      So far, these links are what i will be using to research more:



      http://gizmodo.com/gadgets/fisticuffs-at-noon/video-to-jesusphone-conversion-software-show down-275458.phpFirefoxHTML%5CShell%5COpen%5CCommand

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          Adolfo Rozenfeld Adobe Employee

          It's pretty simple, dansch.

          The iPhone and iPods use H264 video at specific frame sizes and data rates.


          So, while we could get all technical, this is the skinny:


          1. Add your Comp to the Render Queue.
          2. Select H264 as your format in the Output Module. The Adobe Media Encoder dialog will come up.
          3. In the preset list, select "Apple iPod Video Large" (640x480) or "Apple iPod Video Small" (320x240).
          4. These presets require an output size of either 640x480 or 320x240. The comment field in the AME dialog will instruct you to use stretch settings in the Output Module to get there (you can use a combination of Stretch and Crop, if you need).


          Make sure you match the target size in the Output Module, or the encode will fail with an error (or the resulting file won't be directly compatible with iPods/iPhones).


          If instead of exporting directly from After Effects, you use the Adobe Media Encoder in standalone mode (you would have to export a lossless file or use Dynamic Link first to get the content into AME), you'll be able to turn on 2-pass VBR encoding in the H264 options for better quality.


          Using AME in standalone mode is CS4 only. As is opening an AE Comp in AME through Dynamic Link, which also requires Production Premium or Master Collection.

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            dansch37 Level 2

            ok, i am going to try that today. I am waiting for my associate who has the iphone to give it a whirl for me. So I am waiting onhim to test.


            Side question: How about the exporting to Blackberry? Anyone know best practices for that? Thanks in advace.