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    No images SOMETIMES!!! in Firefox and Chrome

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      This is truly the screwiest.


      My setup is Windows XP SP3 with Firefox 3.0.11 (IE8.0.600 fwiw) with flash 10,0,22,87 mozilla, ax and sa all installed (debug versions I think).  FB4 Beta

      project defined to use ColdFusion as Application Server Type (Use remote object access service & ColdFusion Flash Remoting, Standalone, location is DevServer via network, compliled to DevServer via network).


      mx:RemoteObject connects to (CF8 & IIS based) DevServer to retrieve image filenames which then dynamically populate mx:image tags.


      Default browser usually is firefox and compile/load works no problem for first few page loads -- but then decides to stop loading SOME of the images (always the same ones fwiw though not determined by extension or other attributes I can deduce) after firefox is closed then reopened.  I'm not 100% sure the reopening is the issue (no determined number or pattern yet) but continued loads of new compiled pages in new tabs does not have this problem, nor do refresh repeititions.


      However, the exact same page/URL (without recompile) works in IE, Maxathon, Safaril and Opera -- but has same problem in Google Chrome!


      Fwiw I've worked through flash, flex, mozilla and firefox documentation for similar sounding issues but have no solution nor even deterministic pattern identifiable (temporary "fixes" so far from restart system, reset firefox, uninstall and reinstall firefox -- but all revert to same problem after a few loads and then each "fix" cannot be repeated).


      Thus I cannot even describe how to recreate (obviously from my list of the aforementioned browsers I have been working at this for a couple of days) nor where to go from here (I'm personally just moving on to IE8 as my test browser for the time being) . . .  any thoughts are warmly welcomed though

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          Update (and I thought I was moving on ):  It definitely seems to happen only after firefox is loaded with the images then CLOSED then recompile and hence firefox is relaunched to display new page (ie and NOT if you keep firefox open so recompiled page is seen in a new tab rather than a new browser). 

          Also, it seems as though the lack of loading the images times out (ie resets) though I am not yet certain of this.