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    Acrobat convert multiple reports to PDF




      I am currently experiencing a road block and not quite sure the best way to solve it.


      I have Acrobat Professional 9.0 installed on Windows XP.  In conjunction with Microsoft Access 2007 I constantly use the Acrobat Add Ins, which are extremely useful especially the "Convert Multiple Reports" function.  This function works great when converting multiple MS Access reports into one PDF file (with bookmarks ), however I need to make this feature more seamless - using Visual Basic I cannot determine how to convert multiple access reports into one PDF file.  I am hoping someone has a solution to this?  I have thought about using SendKeys to access the Add In function, but this will not suffice since Send Keys do not function with consistency.  Is their a .dll function I can refer to as a reference?


      Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


      Thanks in advance,