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    Alphabetize table data?

    m_lister Level 1

      In an existing HTML topic, I have a large 2 column table which contains the names of security profiles (left column) and descriptions (right column).


      Recently, our developers renamed some of the security profiles, so I updated the names in RoboHelp. I realize now that the profiles were never alphabetized in the table, so while the information is correct, it is in a random order.


      I can't find a "sort" option in RH8. I tried to cut and paste to Word, both in a blank table and on a blank page. In both cases, I end up with a long list of alternating profile name/profile description, with two hard returns between each entry. Obviously that doesn't help.


      What are my options for sorting this data in alphabetical order? I'm trying to avoid cutting and pasting rows in RH, which would be the very long method.



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          Amebr-ke0mH4 Level 2

          If I have to do a lot of re-organising to a table, I use the nasty, manual method:


          1. copy and paste into Excel

          2. sort and make any changes

          3. save as htm.

          4. open in a text editor and strip out all the MS coding - the text editor I use allows regular expressions, so I can build some search and replace scripts to help.

          5. copy the table only and paste it into the RH code view. Depending on how confident I am, I might do this after deleting the existing table code, or I might paste it below, just to check everything is working correctly.

          6. Re-do the borders, styles, padding, etc.


          It nasty and time consuming, but it works. After this, usually it's just moving one or two things, so I can do that relatively easily in the RH editor.


          My main reason for this method is a don't trust MS html and find it easier just to re-format, rather than have MS and RH code fighting.


          Other possibilities are:


          * copy the html generated by Excel straight back into your topic.

          * copy into Excel, then copy and paste to Word, then import the word document.

          * Maybe it's possible to import an Excel spreadsheet?


          I haven't tried these options, but they sprang to mind as possibilities.




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            m_lister Level 1

            I feared it would be a long, tedious fix .


            Thanks for this Amber; I'll let you know how it goes.



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              m_lister Level 1

              After sorting my data in Excel, I was able to save the spreadsheet as a .htm file, then import it directly into RH. RoboHelp included it in the project file list, and I just copied the table into the appropriate existing topic, then deleted the imported file. Time consuming, but easy.


              Thanks again!