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    Pass variable length arguments to another variable length arguments

    zhpingw Level 2

      Can't pass a variable length argument to another variable length argument


      For example


      public function call(name:String, ... params):Object


        ExternalInterface.call(name, params);


      call("test", "param1");


      The "param1" is treated as one argument with array type in the second "call" function, but what I want is it treate it as an argument as string.


      The result is:


      <invoke name="test" returntype="xml"><arguments><array><property id="0"><string>name</string></property></array></arguments></invoke>


      But what I want is


      <invoke name="test" returntype="xml"><arguments><string>name</string></arguments></invoke>


      So I have to do is:


      public function call(name:String, ... params):Object


        if (params.length == 1)


            ExternalInterface.call(name, params[0]);

        }else if (params.length == 2)


          ExternalInterface.call(name, params[0], params[1]);

      }else if (params.length == 3)


          ExternalInterface.call(name, params[0], params[1], params[2]);


          throw new Error("I'm crazy");



      This is terrible solution, if there any workaround?


      The compiler should can handle this situation.