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    Slideshow question???


      I created a slideshow in pe6 and saved it as a wmv file.  I want to include snippets of a dvd that I have but I don't know how to do this because I created the slideshow in photoshop elements6 and it is one when I go to pe4 to further edit my movie, which is where I add the music portion.  I think I can clip in and out of the wmv file, but I will have to do that quite a bit and I want to know is there an easier way?  Is there a way to create a photo slideshow in pe4 instead of doing it in pe6 like I always do?


      It is a basketball slideshow I am creating so I want to combine photos and video clips.  I work on windows xp.


      Thank you.  I need to finish this in a couple of days so your quick replies are greatly appreciated!!!1

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          Paul_LS Level 4

          Unfortunately with PE4/PSE6 you can only transfer your slideshow to PE4 as a wmv file so you will need to edit the video file to add further content in PE4. In PE7/PSE7 you can transfer across the slideshow and break it apart in PE7 which would make your job easier.


          You can certainly make a photo slideshow in PE4 but it will need to be done manually. You can use "create slideshow" using media in your project media bin but it will simply put the photos on the timeline with a default transition between them. You would then need to manually add PAN and Zoom using the effect presets and manually change the transitions to get different ones from the default.

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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            I think it's the other way around, Paul.


            In Photoshop Elements 6, you can send the slideshow in an interchange format to Premiere Elements 4 -- and even break it apart and continue editing in Premiere Elements.


            But, for some reason, Adobe removed this function from Premiere/Photoshop Elements 7. In version 7, you can only export from Photoshop Elements a DVD quality WMV file, which you must then import and render in Premiere Elements.

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              Paul_LS Level 4

              oops... thanks for that Steve, you can see I always do my slideshows in Premeier Elements alone. Anyways, the poster does have asolution with PE4/PSE6 then...

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                rkmjcha Level 1



                Thank you so much for your reply!  Can you tell me how to do this step by step please.  Thanks a million for your help!!



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                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                  I'm sorry, Kathy. That's just not possible to do on a forum post. That's why we created http://Muvipix.com -- so we could post tutorials and how-to articles with illustrations.


                  But, if you've got a slideshow in Photoshop Elements, go to the output options for it and select the option to Send to Premiere Elements.


                  Make sure you select this and not Send to DVD.


                  This will send your slideshow to Premiere Elements. It will appear as one clip on your Premiere Elements timeline -- but you can break it back up into editable slides by right-clicking on it and selecting the option.

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                    rkmjcha Level 1

                    Steve, that is sooo helpful and I truly appreciate people like you that are

                    so willing to help others.  I can't wait to check out muvipix!!


                    Thank you and God bless!!!

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                      rkmjcha Level 1



                      quick question for you...I sent my slideshow to pe4 and when I "broke" it up, I could see my backgounds and text that I input, but almost all of my photos are not there.  When I look at the slideshow in PE6 the photos are still there.  Can you  tell me why my photos are not showing up in pe4 after I transfer it?


                      Thank you!

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                        Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                        Where are your photos, Kathy? Are they on your hard drive? Remember, they need to remain accessible to the programs.


                        Also, have you resized your photos to no larger then 1000x750 pixels? Sometimes photos taken directly from digital cameras are so large that they don't transfer well from program to program.