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    Date/Time Stamp for DV-AVI Files - PE7 Plug-In?


      I am very new to Premiere Elements -- only recently purchased PE7.  My first task will be to upload about 30 miniDV tapes I've filmed of my children since birth.  However, I want to preserve the date/time stamp that currently appears on the miniDV tapes and I understand that the date/time stamp will be lost in the process of uploading the miniDV tapes to my computer via PE.


      I also understand that there are PE plug-ins I may be able to download/purchase that will fix the date/time stamp problem -- two that I've read about on the Internet are the Paul Glagla version of DV Date and a Russian version of DV Date.


      Are these plug-ins compatible with PE7?  Do folks recommend either plug-in or one over the other?  What about other plug-ins that are out there that work with PE7?


      (Apologies in advance if there are existing threads in this forum that are on point -- I tried different searches but didn't find the specific advice that I am looking for.)