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    Workspace Color




      Does anyone know how I can change the color of the workspace in InDesign CS4? (the toolbars etc). I'm sure you must be able to, because I've seen tutorials where the workspace is light grey. By the way, I'm on windows, and so are the tutorials.

      I'd appreciate any help, because I find the current color very unappealing - it's an old fashioned sort of yellowish grey. I would like it to be similar to Illustrator.


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          [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant

          The lighter gray you have seen is presumably the Preview background, surrounding a document. That color can be changed under Preferences.


          There is no way to change the no-document background color. It seems the programmers at Adobe assumed you always have a document open.

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            JR2k Level 1

            Hello Jongware,


            I think you misunderstood: See attached pic for highlighted areas I'm talking about.untitled.JPG

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              Ildhund Level 3

              If you mean something like this:


              then, in XP at any rate, you could change the colour(s) of 3D objects at Control Panel > Display > Appearance > Advanced. Beware, it's system-wide.





              Sorry I fouled up the screencap, but you get the idea.


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                [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant

                Whoops. Yes, what Noel sez: the border and panel follow the general Windows color settings.


                On my machine, changing the main Color Scheme (under Display Properties, Appearance tab) to "Default (Blue)" result in yucky yellow-ish dirty snow backgrounds. That must be the reason I changed it to "Silver" theme instead some years ago. I've never seen somebody using the "Olive" setting.


                As Noel mentions, the Advanced button gives even more control. You can select specific items in the 'preview' window that appears -- click on the Message Box "OK" button for "3D Objects". The top one of the color buttons on the right change the background (and 3D effect). The bottom button changes the text color for general Windows items, but not for ID.

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                  JR2k Level 1

                  Thanks, that's done it!