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    Find out a pdf file color settings/profile


      Short version

      This must be a very silly question, either i have a brainfreeze or i'm just plain stupid, but i can't figure out what color settings/profile a pdf document have.



      Long version

      We do about 1800-1900 pdfs in our production, normally we use the Indesign Color Settings: "Emulate Adobe Indesign 2.0 CMS off" when working in Indesign.When exporting the file to a pdf we use our printers house profile. (they use for output: Color > Color Conversion: Convert to Destination)


      So we are actually not using any special colorprofile, and I think this is way our Printer House wants it, since they apply it later in the prepress process.


      But for some strange reason the our settings in Indesign got reseted to default and used the Color Setting: North America General Purpose 2, which gave us the working U.S Web Coated (Swop) 2 icc profile instead when exporting to a PDF file.


      This didnt happen to all files, but just a few (we hope). We are now going trough all files and checking if the colors are right, some pages show huge differances, but some show very few and are hard to find.


      So i'm wondering is there any fast way in Acrobat, Bridge or any other Software to see what color settings where used in creating the PDF document.


      We are using the CS3 software, in a PC enviroment.