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    problems with disapearing/reappearing UI components


      We are developing a Flex app for web environment in our company and have stumbled on a rather odd problem. Me and a college of mine have been scraching our heads for several days for this.


      We are using tab navigator to switch between different custom components. The custom components are all working as they should but the problem occurs sometimes when you change from one tab to another. The contents of the tab disapears and so does the other tabs, appart from the one selected, and the two buttons we are having above the tab navigator. Then the interesting part, all of the buttons and tabs re-appear when I get my mouse over them, not all at once but when I get my mouse over them. The text which is the content in the tab does appear back when I change the tab in my browser and come back to the application tab. Setting tab navigators creationPolicy="all" only sort of fixes the problem the buttons don't disappear any more. This does create a new sort of problem tough, some of the functionality of the other tabs fires a bit too early in a sence that they aren't necessary at that point to fire, in fact they aren't ment to be fired before you actually select that particular tab.


      I hope I wasn't too unclear explaining the problem. Does anybody have an idea what would cause the problem? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.