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    FLVPlayBack control does not work - how about sharing your experience?

    schuel2 Level 1


      I have been trying to play back FLV files using rtmp from a Red5 server.

      If I do it inside my own network I can play the files without a glitch.

      However when I try to play them over the internet the behaviour is very erratic.  It appears as though the component has not been designed to be used with a streaming server.

      Using the cursor to seek to a position in the video often fails with the cursor jumping back to the beginning of the file.

      No event errors are reported from the FLVPLayBack control so there is nothing that I can specifically do to deal with this misbehaviour.

      I am getting very frustrated with using this component because it does not seem to be possible to get the component to behave when used over the internet.


      I would appreciate some advice as to whether what I am trying to do is achievable or not.


      Surely there is somebody out there with some experience to share???