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    using a 3d Lut in after effects?


      I´m working at a digital film restauration facility and our workflow is


      arri scanner -> restauration software -> after effects (color correction) -> Arri Laser


      we are working with logarithmic dpx files, using a 3d Lut for previewing purposes on the monitor

      As i know, you can only use ICC profiles in after effects, bummer.


      Is there any way or workaround to use 3d Luts in AE or does anyone know a way to convert a 3d Lut to an ICC profile?

      I found a possible way at http://www.color.org/creatingprofiles.xalter within SampleICC, but it´s for developpers and i don´t seem to get it to work


      any ideas?

      I attached the 3dlut, if anybody has the option to convert it



      this is also a feature request to adobe, please add 3d-lut support, it´s quite an industry standard and i guess a lot of people might apreciate it !!!