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    Webcharts3D Designer License Expired




      I'm using ColdFusion Developer Edition on an iMAC and have been using the WebCharts3D 5.1 designer (wc50.jar) for the last few months (since getting new iMAC) but now when I run it I get a message saying:


      "The evaluation license has expired. Some options will be disabled. To purchase the full version of WebCharts3D please visit www.gpoint.com"


      I can go into the designer but can't view the XML Sytle, XML Mode, Code View, Console etc tabs or save a file once the chart is designed... all things I could do before this happened.


      None of my colleagues (who have been running CF Dev Edition for much longer than me) get this message.


      Does Dev edition come with a limited trial period for WebCharts3D? Is there any way I can extend this license?