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    Beginner question: Two audio tracks become one - how to undo?


      I know this surely is a beginners' problem, i hope for a quick reply anyway. I've imported material I had before logged with AVID Liquid, into Premiere CS4. In order to get video and audio together I had to put video and audio in a new sequence by hand. I then loaded this seqeunce into the source monitor to be able to cut my material (one video track, two audio tracks (one from a directional mic, which I don't always want))  from there. But when I paste a clip in my editing sequence I only get video plus ONE audio track in the stereo track. But I need both audio tracks because sometimes I'm going to delete one of them. So my question: How do I get video and BOTH audio tracks from one sequence to the other?

      Thank you very much, you've had much patience with me with similiar questions.