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    CF8 session with IE8


      We have a login problem with session with IE8.  Our login session was working well with all other browser and we now have that problem since IE8 is out.  If we login and for example we are identify as Roger, and after Mike login, Roger will be identify as Mike.  All person who login before will turn into the account of the last one who log in.  This is a big security leak..... do you have any patch for that???  It is working well outside of our office but in our office we have that problem.  We have notice that the problem is related with IE8 and that we all have the same IP in the office.  If we try with IE8 outside the office its working well.  IE7 was able to manage that with no problem but not IE8.  Did you notice that problem before???  Any patch? Any solution?  We have big application here for boards of directors and our Intranet... and now we have a big problem with that bug...

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          Not easy when your boss is watching, let alone the board of directors. Could we see your authentication code? This most probably has to do with how login, sessions and server name play together.

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            I believe i did found out what the problem was. The IT departement here are the one who prepare our admin Laptop, they have set up the first one manually and after they Ghost it. They have ghost the same session cookie on all those computer so I believe that this gave all computer the same Token ID so when one laptop request a session change, all the other one change as well. I have manually delete the session cookie and now my problem seems to be solve. I had problem deleting the cookie at first because in IE8 you have to uncheck the option for keeping the information of my favorites site.


            Weird problem, weird situation, I guess I'll blam that on our IT department