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    Why to drop support for ItemPendingError?


      Can somebody tell me why the SDK is leaving ItemPendingError in favor of temporary item. I simply cannot find any notice about this change and it's reasons as I cannot imagine something that can substitute IPE.

      In my recent development I implemented paged collections using ICollectionView interface and lately also using IList interface. I also find that IPE is not properly supported in many classes in the GUI components even where the components are said to support these interfaces that explicitly mention what method can throw this error. I created myself temporary fixes and eventually hoped this will be fixed as I found this errors already reported on JIRA.

      In meanwhile I extended use of IPE to any case where there are pending data (i.e. pending properties on classes, as the data for the class are about to be downloaded) that greatly simplified otherwise complicated process of service request serialization and allowed implementation of the deferred data loading (where the data are loaded from server at the moment they are really needed).

      It is quite frustrating to find that time invested in the development of IPE use is now being rendered futile as the fixes in the GUI classes are now rejected.

      From my point of view it also looks like this part of SDK contains bugs that has to be fixed as many of the classes are said to support ICollectionView and other collection interfaces which methods may throw this error, although they are not handling it.


      Thanks for answers