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    Text in an image




      This is probably such a stupid question but it's driving me crazy.


      I have an image with text in it.

      The text is not very clear - a little fuzzy.

      When i zoom to 400% i can see the lines of the text are pixellated. There are small white boxes and other coloured boxes around the letters of the text.

      How can i make the text more defined?


      I have tried filling in the boxes in the backgroud colour or the letters colour but it doesnt look quite right.


      How do people normally fix this?



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          Jim_Babbage Level 4

          If the text is part of the image, and not real text (and it sounds 

          like it is), there's not much you can do with it. You would need to 

          rebuild the graphic, add the text and use a larger or different font, 

          and/or, try using one of the other anti-alias settings to make the 

          text appear crisper when viewed at 100%.


          A link to the file might help us with other suggestions.


          Jim Babbage