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    Feature Request: Moveable context window



      I understand that the BluePrint window loads based upon the context of your search based upon either pressing the magnifying glass icon or from the shortcut (Alt-B).  After this window appears, would it make sense to request a feature to be able to move this window without having to dock it?


      Also, if I am suffering from YADIW (You Are Doing It Wrong), please let me know if I am missing this.




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          Mira D Adobe Employee

          Hi Teddy,


          Thanks for trying out Blueprint and making a feature request. We'll do our best to get this out in the next release.


          Mira Dontcheva

          Research Scientist

          Adobe Systems

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            TeddyRPayne Community Member


            That sounds great.  I just figured that if I found a solution from the BluePrint window and I had to introspect some of my code underneathe that it might make that a little easier.  This would be for the quick changes more so than architectural decisions.


            More than likely, I would probably have BluePrint docked and maximize the view every so often when I want to read the content in maximed mode.


            Thanks for the quick answer.