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    Object to ArrayCollection


      Error: Implicit coercion of a value with static type Object to a possibly unrelated type mx.collections:ArrayCollection.


      I've defined several variables as ArrayCollections like this:



      Private var selectedData:ArrayCollection = new ArrayCollection();


      Private var Fruits:ArrayCollection = new ArrayCollection();


      From an external XML file, I've populated the variable "Fruits" as an ArrayCollection like this:

      Fruits=event.result.<>.<>;  where <> is taken from the XML file structure.

      I've verified that Fruits is populated correctly at "creationComplete" using the HTTPService.


      From a list called listData, the user selects an item and I capture the index of this item:

      var listChoiceIndex:int = listData.getItemIndex(event.currentTarget.selectedItem);

      One of the items in the list is "Fruits", and let's assume that the user picks Fruits from the list.


      From this user selection, I want to populate my ArrayCollection variable "selectedData" like this:

      selectedData = listData.getItemAt(listChoiceIndex);

      If the expression "getItemAt(listChoiceIndex)" is "Fruits", then I want selectedData = Fruits, but with this construction, I get an error:


      "Implicit coercion of a value with static type Object to a possibly unrelated type mx.collections.ArrayCollection"


      How can I populate an array collection from an Object name or even a string name that represents another arraycollection variable name?


      Thanks and this is driving me mad. I'm a newbie.