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    Some basic questions.....




      I personally am really enjoying Catalyst. I just have a couple of basic questions.


      1) Can or will you be able to load external content in Catalyst (swf's, text files etc.)

      2) Will there be a way to create your own pre-loaders?




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          Matt Cannizzaro Level 2

          You can import external files, using the File -> Import Artwork menu. In the beta, the supported files types are ai, psd, gif, jpeg, png, swf, and fxg. Once imported, these files will appear in the Library panel.


          A number of people have asked about creating custom pre-loaders. Currently this is not possible from within FC, and while you certainly can do it in Flash Builder, it requires wriitng some code.

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            knave19 Level 1

            thanks for the reply. I'm really trying to figure out the limitations of Catalyst. The benefits are very clear! Especially for a designer like me who prefers to send his time designing sites - not implementing those deigns.