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    Splitting files


      I am very new to working with video files. I am trying to save my analog video to digital.


      Please explain, very simply and without using jargon, such as "media bin", which are not found in the user's manual, how to do the following:


      I have captured my analog files and converted them to digital files. These files are typically about 6 GB long. They are too large to fit on standard DVD's. I would like to split the file at an appropriate point and save the two sections to two DVD's. I can then discard the original video tapes and at some future time edit the DVD's.


      Although this seems very easy to do I have been struggling. Please list the steps I need to follow. Thank you for helping me with this.

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          Paul_LS Level 4

          Firstly what hardware and software did you use to capture your videos and in what format have you captured your video files? DV-AVI files captured over Firewire are typically 13GB per hour... this will be compressed down to around 4.7GB when burnt to a DVD. The DV-AVI is transcoded to MPEG2/VOB files on the DVD. However you may be starting with MPEG2 files... these are already compressed. Dependant on the ultimate quality you require you could fit a 6GB MPEG2 file on to a standard 4.7GB DVD by slightly reducing the bit rate.

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            rdziekan Level 1

            Thanks for your reply.

            They are mpg files. I just want to split and save each file to DVD

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              Paul_LS Level 4

              Do you want to burn as a DVD video or data file? Assuming a DVD video... place the video on the timeline. Place the cursor where you want to split the video, then use the scissors tool, at the bottom of the monitor window, to cut the video. Select the second half and delete. Then go to Disc Menus to add a menu to your DVD and then go to Share>DVD and burn your DVD. Then repeat for the second half of your DVD, deleting the first half and burning the second half.


              If you dont want a DVD menu go straight to Share>DVD after deleting half of the video file.


              Take a look at the tutorials over on Muvipix at the link below to see how to use DVD markers and use DVD menus:


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                rdziekan Level 1

                OK. That sounds straight forward enough. Thanks for your response.