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    Creating special chapter markers

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      I'm creating a DVD, and I want it to stop on the last frame of each chapter in a sequence. I have CS4. How do I set chapter markers, and then how to I create a DVD that will stop on the last frame of each chapter, requiring that I hit play to advance to the next chapter?


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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Much of this question is probably best asked in the Encore forum.


          One way that I can think of would be to create a SlideShow in En, with only the last frame of each chapter. Set the Slideshow to Manual Advance. Then set its End Action to go where ever you desire. You could also work with this technique and Playlists, or Chapter Playlists (so long as it's not a BD Project, as En cannot do Chapter Playlists for BD).


          Probably some other ways to do this, as well, and the En forum will likely give you those.


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          Hint: if you do the SlideShow route, just Export a Still of your last frame and use that as an Asset in En for the SlideShow, as it will appear seamless. Also note that Preview in En will very likely show a black "flash." Check out that this does not happen on the DVD, by burning a "test" DVD RW.