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    AVCHD problem in premiere after Cineform HD link conversion.

    Billy Payn Level 1


      I've taken AVCHD video files from Sony's HXR MC1P, converted them with Cineform HD link and imported into Premiere, and am having a problem.

      When I view the converted files in Windows Media Viewer, they look OK, as I would expect, though the camera isn't as sharp as I'd like, any movement gives lots of blur.

      The thing is, when I import to Premiere CS3 (with the lates updates) there are some worrying effects I can't get rid of.

      I tracked the camera past the upright stair rods, premiere is doing some kind of ghosting on the vertical rods. It looks like a double image, there seems to be two of each rod, both of them slightly opaque, and they make a solid where they overlap, leaving one thin stair rod, and some see through parts on both sides. The faster the movement, the more they spill to the sides, ie the wider the whole rod is, and the narrower the overlapping part is, giving the impression of a very thin rod. This effect is visible on any upright subject to movement.

      When I play the video at normal speed, it's not that noticeable, though now I know it's there I can see it. When I slow down the video, it's really glaringly annoyingly in your face ruining the whole deal obvious.

      It looks as though this is a premiere issue as it's not happening in Windows Media Viewer (it does happen in after effects though)

      I've tried converting to 1920 progressive, 1920 interlaced, then importing with both fields dominant, 1440 - both ways as well tried losing flicker, frame blending on and off, Quicktime with all the variables, the only thing that it wont do is deinterlace- it crashes premiere. Also tried the different quality settings in HD link and on the camera. Can't find anything that makes it go away.

      Has anyone else encountered a similar problem to this?

      Any help appreciated.

      Sytem is a dual quad core xeon 2ghz with XP 64bit 8gig ram, Premiere Pro CS3 cineform Prospect 4K 4.2