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    Odd video freeze while encoding out of Premiere-anyone experience this?

    Jandle J.

      I am trying to export a sequence from Premiere CS4. The source files are 2 uncompressed QT's from Camtasia at 1024x768.  I am exporting to wmv at 300kbs for our internal web tv portal.  The system is win XP HP wx8400 (ie: Avid box).  Everything looks and plays great within Premiere but when encoding on export the media encoder freezes the video when a reaches a particular segment.  The audio plays through fine and when the next edit point is reached the video jumps to the current frame and progresses normally until the end.  It is always the same segment although the exact frame of freeze varies +-10.  I have no effects applied to either the offending or previous clip.  I did have a dissolve between the two but removing that had no effect.  I rendered the timeline, no change.  In Quicktime Pro I broke out the segment affected from the source file into a separate file and put it in the sequence, no change.  If i export just the offending segment it encodes properly.  This is one of the strangest things I have seen.  Anyone have a clue as to a cause and a fix?