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    How to Import MapIDs from Word Document


      Hi...I'm using RoboHelp 8 and I'm importing Word documents authored by another department that contain mapIDs for each topic.  When I import the Word documents, I want to retain the MapIDs (integers, such as 1000, 1001, etc.).


      The RoboHelp help explains how to do this using footnotes in Word, but I cannot get this to work.  Can someone give me the exact steps of how to assign mapIDs to footnotes in Word?  Below is the dialog box in Word 2003 for inserting footnotes.  I'm not sure what to set in the dialog box by reading the Robohelp Help (which I've included at the end of this message). 



      II've tried creating a footnote with text "TopicAlias 1000", I've tried setting the Custom Mark to "TopicAlias" and footnote text to 1000, but neither of these work:




      Robohelp Help


      You can convert the context-sensitive Help markers that you insert in your Microsoft Word documents and reuse them as map IDs. You insert the context-sensitive markers using the Custom Footnote option in Word. You insert context-sensitive Help markers using the Insert Footnotes And Endnotes dialog box in Word. To insert context-sensitive Help markers, enter a custom string such as TopicAlias and then insert the map ID as the marker text. The custom string must not contain spaces or any other invalid characters. See Microsoft Word Help for more information about inserting custom footnote markers.


      Sometimes Word documents that you are linking to or importing have context-sensitive Help markers. If so, you can incorporate them in the map ID header file that you generate. In the project header file, add the map IDs that you assigned to topics in your Word documents. The context-sensitive marker string is a project-wide parameter. Ensure that all Word documents that you link to or import contain the same string as the context-sensitive marker text.

      Do one of the following:
      Select File > Import > Word Document.
      Select File > Link > Word Document.
      Select File > Project Settings.
      Click Edit under Word Document.

      In the Conversion Settings dialog box, in the Other Settings group, enter the context-sensitive Help marker string and click OK.