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    Datalist Problems


      After creating a simple datalist with a scrollbar, I cannot select the repeated items in the design time data to edit them.  Does anyone else have this problem?  Thanks, Don

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          Nate B. Level 2

          After you convert the art into a data list, you need to edit-in-place the Data List and assign the repeated item parts.  When assigning the repeated item, any editable text or images are automatically set to be 'dynamic', which is what connects them to the design-time data panel.  If you edit your repeated item to include more bitmaps or text after it's been initially created, then you'll need to manually set those pieces to be dynamic by using the context menu.


          Additionally, only some image types and text can be set dynamic (so a SWF or FLV can't be set as a dynamic object inside the repeated item).

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            monkamoo Level 1

            Nate, when I say that I am editing the repeated items, all I am trying to do is to select one of them in the desgin time data section by double clicking.  I can't even do that.  My goal is to change out at least some of the repeated item images and labels.  I want to use my library of images to change out the repeated item image.  When I double click on the repeated item in one of the rows it does nothing.  Normally, when you double click on a repeated item image in the design time data section, the library should popup and I should be given the option of changing out the repeated item image by choosing a different image in the library.  I can't do this.  It does not allow me to select a repeated item, whether it be an image or text.   Thanks, Don

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              Nate B. Level 2

              That does sound like a bug.  Would you mind posting the project or an example that exhibits this?

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                monkamoo Level 1

                Hi Nate, I will try to do this.  Here is the attached.  Regards, Don

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                  monkamoo Level 1

                  File did not attach since the forum does not allow.fxp.  I could convert the file code to .txt and it would work, but would that help you?  Short of that, I am unsure how to get the file to you.  Regards, Don

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                    Nate B. Level 2

                    I think just changing the file extension to .txt will allow you to post.