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    Rich text vs. Labels & Text components

    Handycam Level 1

      If an AI design contains styled text that I need to be accessible for changing via actionscript, how do I accomplish this?


      That is, if the art director created a text block on a screen design, and I would need to make this a Text component so that I can change it on the fly via code:


      <mx:Label id="chapterTitle" />

      <mx:Text width="100%" id="chapterText" />




      private function populateText():void {

           chapterTitle.text = "Foo";

           chapterTitle.text = "Blah blah"



      Now, I'd like to keep the font, size, color, etc as the art director has specified it and that I can easily see in FC.  So far, my attempts have yielded "RcihText" components, which I have not worked with before.