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    Text larger than 96pt


      I am using the Director 11.5 trial until my package arrives.


      For some reason I cannot get text to go bigger than 96pt.  Why?


      I would like to go to 200 or so.

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          Sean_Wilson Adobe Community Professional

          In the Text window, or the Text Inspector, there is a fontSize drop-down and the largest value in it is indeed 96. However, you can manually edit the value in this pull-down to whatever you wish. Alternatively, you can execute something like the following in your message window:

          member("text").fontSize = 200
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            Twrkos Level 1

            I have done that - manually set the value to 200, but it just jumps to 96 again.


            I can set it to any lesser value.


            The script worked.  But the top of the letters was cut off until I set the line spacing higher, prior to running the script.

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              Chunick Level 3

              What version of Director? It doesn't jump back to 96 for me when I type it into the dropdown field of the Text Inspector on MX2004 or D11.5... are you wanting it to be set by default to 200?


              As well, if you need to fix the line height after setting the point size, you can do this through script too:

              member("text").fixedLineSpace = 0 -- sets to auto line spacing.