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    Number Style inconsistent

      When I generate WebHelp in Robohelp for HTML, some webpages display a "number style" of size 10pt and another webpage with size 11pt.
      The all use <link rel=StyleSheet href=default_ns.css> containing the following...
      P.Step {
      font-size:10.0pt; }
      LI.P-Step {
      line-height:Normal; }

      In Robohelp HTML, the HTML editor has this code
      <ol><li class=p-Step><p class=Step>....

      The Actual generated webpage in the SSL directory shows this

      for the webpages with correct display :
      <li class="P-Step">
      <p class="Step">...

      but for the webpages with incorrect display:
      <li class="kadov-p-CStep">
      <p class="Step">....

      There is no reference to kadov-p-CStep in my default_ns.css

      I don't know why it is generating this reference. Can anyone help please?
      To understand the background, the files were previously created in Robohelp X5. I changed the head information of all webpages to be standard as follows

      <!doctype HTML public "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Frameset//EN">
      <meta http-equiv=content-type content="text/html; charset=utf-8">
      <meta name=generator content="Adobe RoboHelp - www.adobe.com">
      <meta name=generator-major-version content=0.1>
      <meta name=generator-minor-version content=1>
      <meta name=filetype content=RoboHelp>
      <meta name=filetype-version content=1>
      <meta name=page-count content=1>
      <meta name=layout-height content=725>
      <meta name=layout-width content=942>
      <title>Duplicate Risk Assessment</title>

      <link rel=StyleSheet href=default_ns.css>