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    Drag and Drop


      Is there a way now to do drag and drop in FC or at least may components moveable?

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          Nate B. Level 2

          We've implemented some drag and drop within the app for Beta 1, so you can drag items from your Libarary panel or from the Wireframe objects panel onto the artboard to place them.  Dragging from another app or the desktop into Catalyst is not supported in Beta1.

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            ppbpdx Level 1

            Sorry, I should have been more clear. I mean drag and drop for the controls or components in the project. For example, can I create an object that the end user can then drag and drop such as items in a cart or album pictures.

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              Nate B. Level 2

              Ah, I see.  That's not a planned feature for this first release of Catalyst so we'll add it as a request for the next release.  Thanks for the clarification.

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                ppbpdx Level 1

                Yes it seems as if from a wireframe/application design perspective being able to have elements that are both draggable or moveable (a floating window for example) and to show drag and drop is very important.