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    Premiere CS3 Reinstall Problem

    Brad Torreano

      I am currently running Windows XP Pro on a Matrox Axio system in which the CS3 Creative Suite was already installed for me upon purchase. As of late I've had problems with Quicktime (Premiere and After Effects no longer see it as a compatible format) and I was hoping that as a solution, I could reinstall Premiere and After Effects from the original discs.


      This theory might work but when I get the disc to the Progress portion of the reinstall, it asks me to "insert CS3 Production Premium Disc 1 into drive \\prod\Adobeapps". I don't claim to be an expert but I just cannot figure out what the installer is asking me to do and I'm very frustrated. I tried a multitude of Quicktime-related fixes that didn't yield results and I was really hoping to try this particular fix to see if it works. Does anyone have experience with this error? If so, what was your method of bypassing it?


      If this helps in any way, Quicktime stopped working with my system when one day Premiere couldn't get past the CompilerAIFF.prm during the initial program load. I went back a few hours on a system restore and when I got Premiere up and running again, Quicktime was no longer a viable option. I've tried totally reinstalling stand alone Quicktime (and I did use the Windows Installer Clean Up to remove iTunes and Quicktime before the reinstall) and I've tried repairing Quicktime in the Control Panel, and helped. In fact, attempting to repair Quicktime led to a "fatal error on install" and put me back where Premiere got hung up on the CompilerAIFF.prm again.


      Any help I could get would be much appreciated.