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    Strange motion-tween/AS3 - CS4 Bug


      Hey Guys!


      I borrowed a laptop with Flash CS4 on it today to play a little bit around and test the new cool 3D features Flash CS4 came up with.


      But every time when I create a motion tween (by clicking with right mousebutton on the timeline and choosing create motion tween) the symbol that should move (tween) disappears. It is still there - because I can still drag it around on the stage and by doubleclicking it I get to its "edit-mode" (where it is visible again).


      When I publish the movie the tween is fine (visible) and does what it should do.


      The funny thing is that this problem doesn't appear when I choose a AS2 File in the beginning (or switch to AS2 File by choosing it in ctrl+shift+f12 menu). Then everything is fine but of course I cant use the 3D elements then.


      I have no idea what that could be ... :-/


      Sorry for my horrible English ^^ (not a native-speaker)



      Have a nice day everybody!