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    CFFTP error 425 can't build data connection

    Tea man

      I'm trying to have my script connect to an offsite FTP server using CFFTP tag.

      So far every CFFTP tag I use appears to fail with the possible exception of the action="open".

      The error I get is 425: Can't build data connection: No route to host.

      I can ftp using a telnet session from the same server just fine.  This is with CF8 on a Sun workstation as server (Unix).

      I have tried with and without a proxy server.

      I have tried with passive mode = yes and no.  When no the error occurs quickly.  When yes it takes about 30 seconds or more to tell me the same error.

      I have tried action = listdir and existfile and no success. I have verified the directory specified on the remote server is valid.

      I have made sure the Enable ColdFusion Security checkbox is checked. I have no idea if anything needs to be done with the sandbox stuff in the lower part of that form.


      I'm totally stumped here. My code is this:


      <cfftp connection="Myftp"


      <cfftp connection=Myftp


      <!--- Get the current directory name --->
      <cfftp connection="Myftp"


      It fails on the last line above.  What should I try?

      What other common roadblocks can cause this?

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          mack_ Level 3

          Did the FTP server recently changed IP addresses ? (I ask because Java

          caches IP addresses for a long time by default)


          Do you have the possibility to check the actual trafic ? (with tcpdump

          for example)


          Also, telnet will not show the whole picture (it makes sure that the

          initial connection to port 21 works but not that the subsequent

          connections work - ftp is a protocol that uses 2 connections: one for

          command and one for actual data transfer). Check with command line ftp

          to make sure that it works.



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            Tea man Level 1

            mack, the FTP cerser did not change IP addresses. Don't know how to use tcpdump to check the traffic.

            command line in telnet for listing a directory works fine.

            This appears to be a CF8 issue.  I can't get anyone to indicate that they can do directory listings with CFFTP on a remote server.  I'd like to confirm this is an issue with my provider (FTP Today) versus a CF8 issue with this tag.

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              mack_ Level 3

              I've used CFFTP to list directory contents in the past and it worked

              so I think the problem might be specific to your setup. My bet would

              be on a passive vs active issue (a firewall rule that blocks the

              incoming request for the active mode).