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    How big can a mySQL db be before performance degradation?

    kmdguy Level 1

      Hi there,


      I have a Flex app that accesses a mySQL database via PHP built using the Flex Builder wizard. It works fine but I have some questions about how big the database can be before the loading of tables begins to bog down the application too much.


      Basically the way it works, as learned by David Gassner's Flex Bible and other sources, is that when my Flex app launches, it loads all the tables in the entire database into the Flex app.


      Then, the different bits of information are displayed based on filter functions. Each user that logs in has different amounts of their own personal information that can be viewed and updated.


      The thing is, based on the way it's built, ALL information in the entire database is loaded into Flex, then it's filtered based on which user has logged in. This works fine really, but I have one table in that database that has grown to about 20,000 rows of really simple text-based information. According to phpMyAdmin that table's usage is 1,971.1 KiB, which is what, almost 2 MB?


      The thing I'm concerned about is as this mySQL database grows, the loading of my Flex app's data upon launch will become so slow for everyone because it may get so big. Is this a feasible concern? How big have your SQL databases been?


      Is it possible in Flex to somehow filter the data on the server first from mySQL, then load only the required data up? So that users that have very little data in their account don't have to wait for the entire mySQL database to load first?


      Any advice about this is greatly appreciated.