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    code for flex in a week tutorial is different than flashbuilder 4.  Why?


      I am a new user to the Flex /FlashBuilder community.


      After downloading Flash Builder 4 and reviewing the Flex in a week tutorials, I notice the code being generated is different.  I understand the tutorials were generated for Flex, not Flash Builder 4. Some things will not work.


      I understand updating tutorials is not cost effective if the product is free.  Flash Builder 4 is not free.  My industry is training.  I am irritated by companies that market products without the full backing of update, complete, and thoroughly tested training material.


      If I can't learn a product with updated, working tutorials for the product being marketed (flash builder 4), then why would other users invest money in purchasing this product?  Experienced users already understand the basics; tutorials are geared for new users who are undecided about whether to purchase the product.


      Would somebody please let the top echelon at Adobe know that their tutorials for Flex will not work for Flash Builder.  To translate this so the Flash Builder management team can understand this, either update the tutorials or create new ones that work with Flash Builder 4.  Do this now, not 6 months after the product is released.