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    HTML within HTML


      HI all

      i am trying to analize flex and its possibilities.


      what i am trying to get out is the use of html with in html.


      Its like you have a textarea and within that tet area you can write ... well text. but what i want additionally is to mark certain text as hyperlink.

      something link this text ( mytext), only its inside a textarea and is clickable.



      If this is something that can be done via flex then i want to prototype it. and this is going to be a deciding factor for using flex or not.


      The idea behind doign is to mark certain text as different from other since we want to process that text on the server side to do dynamic things.


      So i am not necessarily trying to get a solution for doign a html within a html. but thats just one way of doing things.

      If you have done something similar in some other way, then do share.