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    Movement when it should be still


      Hello, my name is Tracy, this is my first post and trial question.


      I tried to select a single frame and elongate it to 4 seconds but there is slight movement at the beginning and the end of the clip. the bouquet moves slightly and distracts from what I am trying to do.


      Anyone know why this is please?

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          You only need to read the first part:


          If you need help quickly...Guideline for posting an effective question


          and give the details or use the hold frame property. It is all explained in the manual and help file. Might be worth looking it up.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9



            First, welcome to the forum.


            Next, please give us a bit more to go on. When you say "single frame," do you mean a still photograph, that you have Imported?


            If so, let's start with it on the Timeline. I would now be refered to as a Clip, though it just a still image. To increase the Duration from the default time, when you Imported the still image, you just click on one end of the Clip, or the other, and drag. This increases the Duration. If you do nothing else, you should get no movement, whatsoever.


            If you are talking about something totally different, then please tell me where I'm wrong, what you do have, and exactly what you're doing with it.


            Good luck,




            [Edit] After re-reading both your post and Harm's reply, I think that he might be correct, and I wrong. However, if you ARE using Frame Hold and it's not working for you, you might think about Exporting that last frame as a still image, Importing it into PrPro and placing it on the Timeline immediately behind your Clip. You can adjust the Duration of this still image Clip as much as you want.


            Usually Frame Hold works fine, but when it does not, I just Export a still and use that.

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              Doubletakes Level 1

              Thank you both so much for your quick and thoughtful responses. You both nailed exactly what I needed to know.

              Thanks Harm for the link. I didn't investigate further because I made an assumption. The last version of Premiere Pro I used did not tell me where or how to reverse a clip and it confounded me for quite a while.

              This is a new experience for me and you both made it quite pleasant and exciting, knowing that there is a supportive community out there.

              These programs are great but challenging.


              Thanks again,