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    Loosing audio chunks & no video playback


      I have a fairly new cpu (3 months) that I spec'd out from newegg. I am editing in HDV. When I started editing it was working very well. No problems at all. Well as closer as I get to finishing this short film, I am having major issues. I am loosing whole chunks of audio in certain scenes. Video is not playing back.  Video is always there, just only playing the first second then freezes (just the video freezes and I can herar the audio)  and the timeline bar is moving. I have not changed any file locations or names. Any suggestions on how to fix this?

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          SpareWheel Level 2

          Hi there.


          It might be helpful if you itemised your system components in order give the people here a better insight into how your PC setup is arranged. At the moment there is nothing to go on.



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            Sounds like you are having some of the same issues as others....myself included. 


            1.  The audio stops playing .. typically, when this happens to me it is a single audio clip.  Other audio clips, before and after the one that does not play .. they play fine.  I posted a question about this recently and found others also had this problem.  Sadly, there apparently isn't a "fix" .. however, when this happens to me, I find if I make some type of change to the audio clip (increase or decrease the db level, if even just .1db for example) after the 'new audio render' the clip will again play.


            2.  When the video freezes, is that in the Monitor window and if so, do you have your Playback Settings set to play the video to an external monitor?  If you do, that's 'another issue' with CS4 ... The video in the external monitor continues to play, but the Adobe Monitor Window freezes ... no known fix of which I'm aware.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9
              no known fix of which I'm aware


              Actually, there might be. Per Harm's suggestion, details on:


              1.) System

              2.) Assets

              3.) Project

              4.) Operations being performed


              might help someone spot a common aspect and a solution will likely be forthcoming. If not a solution, someone will definitely have a workaround, until Adobe can address the issue with an update.


              In the meantime, you might want to file a Bug Report, but do be ready to furnish all of the details, so that Adobe can replicate the problem.


              Good luck,