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    After effects CS4 magnification ratio limits???


      Ok, this makes no sense at all and hopefully I'm doing something wrong.


      Why is the magnification ration limited by the size of the composition?




      Composition of 4556x2563 I can only zoom to 400%


      Composition of 2048x1152 I can only zoom to 800%


      and Composition of 720x486 Iets me zoom to 3200%


      This makes no sense at all...the smaller the image the more I can see it in details!!!! Is it me or it should be the exact opposite?

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          DomDaigle wrote:


          This makes no sense at all...


          Actually it makes sense in a very geeky, computer-ish way. The display itself is just some abstract kind of buffer, meaning something that consumes memory and holds pixel values. For rational reasons you would not want it to exceed a certain size or else you would run out of memory. At 400%, anything larger than 4k will enter the region where it gets closer and closer to the magic 32000 pixels in either direction, which is what AE can manage at most. Therefore it is logical, that it will not allow additional zoom levels that would exceed those dimensions. I know that it can be inconvenient for fine detail work, but that's just how it is.