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    Punctuation in help topics not rendering properly after font change


      Recently I changed the font used for help topics from Verdana to Trebuchet MS in order to comply with changes in corporate style guidelines. Since I changed the font, in the output help files punctuation marks (single and double quotes and ampersands) don't display correctly. For example, a phrase such as:


      the "M" value


      now displays, incorrectly, as


      the [M] value


      I'm seeing the problem in two different help systems, one developed in RoboHelp version 6 that produces output as a .chm file. The other help system, developed in RoboHelp 7, produces WebHelp output files.


      Does anyone know if the RoboHelp compiler is incompatible or partly incompatible with certain fonts? I'm not sure what else might be causing my problem. I didn't modify anything else but the font.