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    Never buy from Adobe online


      Purchased Premiere Pro in May 2008.  After downloading, trying it out and realizing it was not going to do what I needed (it couldn't handle DVC pro 50), I asked for a refund, and deleted the program (went back to Avid).  I have never received a refund.  Life got busy (new house, wife, kids), never checked on the refund.


      Just checked my refund status to see if I am not remembering that I even asked for a refund.  It says "Pending Approval".  Over a year later.


      The only reason I know this is I purchased the AE CS4 upgrade today, only it put me down for 2 copies, not one.  I have made four phone calls to customer support and two to corporate. NO ONE CAN REFUND ME ONE COPY OR EVEN THE WHOLE ORDER.


      The solution offered by the last call center employee?  Download a "Letter of Destruction" .pdf file, print it, fill it out, scan it, send a .jpg to the customer support portal.  Oh, and it will take 3-5 business days.


      So Adobe is going to hold on to my $600 (as well as my $300 from last year) because no one at a computer company that does business online can figure out a better way to send a refund online.  I have never, ever, run into an online company with that kind of refund idiocy.


      Seems Adobe will make sure it puts you through HELL before they hand over 1 dime.


      Never buy from Adobe online.  Go to a brick and mortar every time.

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          elaine montoya Level 3

          Hi Unhappiest Customer,


          First - I understand that you are frustrated. But...let's be realistic here. A lot of things could have been done on your part to avoid the situation you are in right now.


          For example,

          - you could have read the specs for Premiere Pro before purchasing, to see if it could handle DVC pro 50

          - you could have downloaded a 30 day trial before purchasing to see if it met your requirements. Adobe offers this for most all of their applications.


          In all honesty, it's pretty amazing that Adobe agreed to a refund. If you had purchased it from a brick and mortar store, they would have told you the software package was opened, so no returns. This is a common policy with software at brick and mortar stores.


          Regarding your error today, I am confused. Did you order the AE upgrade from the online store? Did you select the number that you add to your cart? Sounds like you accidentally added two upgrades to your cart?


          As for their "letter of destruction" policy - it sounds pretty simple to me. They have to have legal recourse so they know people aren't pirating. Once you download, you have the serial numbers. If they find they these serial numbers are being used by you - or anyone else, they need to know the source of where they came from. That would be on the letter of destruction.


          So my recommendation, take a couple of deep breaths, kick back, watch some TV tonight....


          then tomorrow morning fill out the letter of destruction form and send it to Adobe. I think you will find it takes very little time.


          Much less effort than you would expend trying to convince a brick and mortar store to take back an opened software package...


          good luck,


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            Adolfo Rozenfeld Adobe Employee

            Actually, I think this customer deserves better. At least, a timely answer - whatever the nature of that answer, and subject to the policies which may apply.

            I am trying to see if I can get help, but I can't promise anything at this time. If I find a way, I'll send a private message to this user to get contact info.

            Regarding DVCPRO 50 support in Premiere Pro (and AE), it does support it perfectly in P2/file-based workflows. I imagine this customer needed support for tape-based flavors over Firewire, but I can see why Adobe went for PPro and AE with the file-based implementation since that's the direction Panasonic themselves have been following in the last few years.

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              Adolfo Rozenfeld Adobe Employee

              I am contacting this user privately, so -hopefully- he can get proper help.

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                UNHAPPIEST_CUSTOMER Level 1

                No one from Adobe will rectify this.  According to San Jose, NO ONE is in charge of customer service here in North America. All customer service goes through India. I said, "Someone is in charge of India, and they must have a phone somewhere."  I was told I could send an e-mail to the "escalation" team but could not talk to them directly.  When I asked for the e-mail address of the escalation team, she said it was confidential.  I was stunned.


                I have followed the absolutely asinine route of filling out the "Letter of Destruction" .pdf form they sent. As instructed, scanned it, faxed AND e-mailed a week ago and I still don't have my refund.


                India sent me an e-mail saying they received my request for refund, then sent 3 e-mails saying the request for refund was canceled then sent one last e-mail saying they received my request for refund - all in the span of about 60 seconds.  I suspect this is an automated, ill-programmed response - ironic, considering this is a global software company.


                Adobe can go to hell.


                So, kind Adolfo, unless you have a personal relationship with Dr. Geschke, Dr. Warnock or Shantanu Narayen, you aren't going to get anywhere either.

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                  Adolfo Rozenfeld Adobe Employee
                  So, kind Adolfo, unless you have a personal relationship with Dr. Geschke, Dr. Warnock or Shantanu Narayen, you aren't going to get anywhere either.

                  I'm sorry to hear this.

                  I was, and I am, willing to try.