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    Flash form basics (NOT cfform)


      When you are learning, one of the many problems you have is getting the terminology right. I've searched the web extensively and most of the discussion about flash forms is related to cfform. I'm experimenting with the creation of forms in Flash 8 (document = Flash Form Application) and there does not seem to be a lot of documentation around on the subject. With this technology, I build a "tree" of forms, the top level of which is the "Application container", which are either sibling or child with the latter inheriting content and structure from the parent. So far, I have 2 siblings, one of which has a child form, and they contain various fields, buttons, etc. If I test the movie, it loads the first form, overlays the second form and then the third form. This seems to be the asynchronous nature of Flash but there must be a way of telling it to display the first form and then stop and await further instructions such as a button press. Can anyone help me with this and/or point me to a relevant tutorial?