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    preloader being disregarded

      Here's my situation:
      • I have three separate swfs loaded to my server and I have a main fla file that is pulling one of these three at random, externally
      • I have a preloader on each swf to make sure the content loads before playing. This works great when they are played on their own

      My problem comes into play when the main fla loads the movie. Its almost like it disregards the preloader and starts streaming from the external source before it fully loads. This is causing the movies to run really really slow. My FPS are all 30 for every movie, so that is not the problem. How can I get the main fla to wait for the chosen swf to play only after it has completely loaded? I have attached my code for the main fla.

      One more thing. The main fla is set to as2 but the swfs are in as3. Does that have something to do with this problem? When I try to set the main fla to as3 it gives me an error saying it must be as2. (thats why they are different)

      Thanks in advance.