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    Clips added to timeline do not show up in sceneline




      Can someone please guide me to fix this problem. I have imported AVCHD videos from an HD camcord into my files and folders. Then I've opened up these files in the premiere elements organizer, dragged them onto the timeline. A pop up appears asking me if I want to videomerge the clip because it has a sold background. The first clip I drag onto the timeline will appear in the sceneline, but after that, any clips I drag onto the timeline does not appear on the secenline. It only extends the first clip in the sceneline to make it one big clip (although in the timeline you see them as separate). I can't work with the transitions easily without being able to view the storyboard mode.


      Also, the first clip dragged onto the timeline always ended up on the Video 2 track, it doesn't allow me to drag anything onto the video 1 track.


      I only installed this program not long ago and haven't changed any default settings. All of the tutorials I find online doesn't start up this way.

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          Paul_LS Level 4

          You have to select the correct AVCHD project preset at the start up screen...New Project, then select Change Settings and select the correct AVCHD project preset. If your audio is 5.1 surround sound be sure to select the AVCHD 5.1 audio project preset, if stereo select the AVCHD project preset. If you select the wrong preset for your audio the audio will be placed on track 4 and will not be visisble in Sceneline mode. In this case the only solution is to work in Timeline mode. You can right clcik on the empty tracks and select to delete them to tidy up the Timeline view.


          Anyway, selecting the correct project preset should solve your problem.