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    God Damn the "Unable to transcode XXX.SWF" error!


      this error code really make me crazy

      i use FLASH CS4 to create a simple .fla file,and i create a MovieClip and set its class name as "MyTest",then publish out the .SWF file.

      then,i use FlashBuilder,and try to embed that MC in .SWF file.

      code like this

      [Embed(source='Untitled-2.swf', symbol='MyTest')]
        public var cls:Class


      then i got these errors

      Description Resource Path Location Type
      definition for symbol 'MyTest' not found test.mxml test/src line 10 Flex Problem
      Unable to transcode Untitled-2.swf. test.mxml test/src line 10 Flex Problem


      i goolged this issue,and looks someone got the same trouble,but i fount nothing to solove.

      can anyone here help me?



      Kent Wood