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    Online Shared Review does not work

    Isabel Garcia Gimeno



      I have just bought Acrobat 9 Pro (which costs a fortune!) and am rather disappointed with a few things. I'll ask about one of them to start with.


      I have created a PDF and sent it to a collaborator for shared review, who does not have Acrobat but does have Adobe Reader. She is not a member of acrobat.com, but is not offered to join during the process.


      She can download the file and open it with Adobe Reader (showing the extended toolbar) but cannot connect to the server. A message states that she is probably disconneted from the internet, but this is not true.


      She is allowed to work offline and then email the document with her comments, but this is not what I want. I want comments to stay online for other reviewers to see.


      She had Adobe Reader 8 so downloaded and installed Adobe Reader 9 but this did not solve the problem. The message however changed slighty to: "The shared review location on share.acrobat.com could not be written to, or the server has run out of disk space".


      Anyone knows what could be the problem?


      Thank you