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    Flash Builder 4 is ANNOYING!


      Is anyone else annoyed with how Flash Builder 4 runs?


      Stuff I hate:

      • I hate the new Package Explorer. Why isn't it alphabetical?...dumb.
      • I hate the twirl downs on in the Package Explorer that show the methods and such of a class. This is what the Outline view panel is for. Stop cluttering the Package Explorer.
      • I HATE HATE HATE the damn code hints anytime I'm trying to type some mxml that automatically come up on roll over! They slow down Eclispe so damn much and nearly anywhere I put my mouse launches another damn one so I can't even see what I am typing.


      Stuff I'm not thrilled about:

      • Limited abiltity with the new spark components. Why isn't the Alert windows a spark component that I can skin? Why are you taking away functionality only to say it still exist in the mx components forcing me to create a bastardized application?
      • It would be super nice if the design view had the ability to choose the skin in of a component much like how to you for CSS.


      Anyway....that's it for now. Am I the only one feeling this way?

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          leybniz Level 4



          Stuff I hate:

          • Startup time horribly long, plus I have to press "Continue Trial" each time
          • The default theme for the SDK 4 is awful, s-h-i-t-t-y TitleWindow eges + huge shadows, Halo from SDK 3.X looks more elegant to me only?
          • When I'm switching theme for the project back to Halo, I'm getting bunch of runtime exceptions.. Damn! I'm forced to stick with the default ugly one


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            musselwhizzle Level 1

            agree with a lot of that.


            I actually like the new wireframe skins minus the huge drop shadows like you mentioned. The halo skins were everywhere on the internet and I could spot a flex applicaiton a mile away because they all looked the same. For me, less is more....and I'll mostly be using my own skins.

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              leybniz Level 4

              yeah, halo seems to me like a "technology face" you could recognize it easily, that's a plus for engaging new people into it, but quickly becomes boring and used to. Own skins is a huge! advantage, but I'm not really comfortable with the architectural solution they put there, they treat theme as .swc library, and this is what I don't like, It's not so obvious how to change a theme at runtime using that .swc approach?? Do I have recompile to change the look and feel each time?

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                CoreyRLucier Adobe Employee

                Hi Alex,


                So can you provide more specifics about what you dislike about the Spark theme? Even better feel free to pass along tweaks that you improve matters for you.


                We've gotten some good feedback on it to date, mostly that it's more modern and lighter than Halo.


                Definitely heard similar feedback on the drop shadow however...it was intended to be more prominent than Halo's, similar to OSX I believe.


                Thanks for the input.





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                  leybniz Level 4

                  Hello Corey,


                  Unfortunately, at the moment I don't have any tweaks yet, since I'm not migrating to SDK 4

                  once I'll have something valuable I'll keep you updated. Thanks