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    Strange loading script problem


      Dear Users,


      I am very new to this forum and this is my first post. So I hope I can tell the problem clearly. I am a PC user with IE8.


      Well, I have a flash page and there is a loader action script before it. But I can not see the loader when I publish the page on the Internet. It loads the whole page in the beginning, showing a white blank space and after loading, shows the loader 1 frame and skips to the main page.


      The strange thing is; This is my office computer where I am designing the page. And when I went home last night, I saw that the loader works fine. I called a couple of friends and they said that it seemed to work fine.


      What could be the problem on my office computer? Browser setings or Antivirus settings? I treid in Mozilla Firefox. No difference.


      Thanks for your concern, wating for your quick reply.